Monday, May 31, 2010

Real Talk, Real Issues

Introductions can be iffy.

Either your palms begin to sweat from nervous jitters, or you give a firm, convincing handshake and a confident smile. You trip over your set of two left feet, or you comfortably sashay your way into the crowd. Either way, you will do one of two things:

Rise to the occasion or bomb out like a wet firecracker.

To keep from accomplishing the latter, we will keep it simple…for now--- Welcome to JuneBug Talk!

Perhaps you found us on Facebook, are familiar with one of our bloggers, or just happened to pass through…happenstance allowed our paths to intermingle at this present moment, and hopefully intellectual dialogue and positive discourse will allow us to establish a lasting impression in each other’s lives.

So what is JuneBug Talk really about?

Well, before we answer, here is a quick science lesson. As many internet sites so “eloquently” define them, june bugs are large beetles that are instinctively attracted to light and are commonly seen late May and early June. June bugs, which are usually dormant in the winter, increase their activity in the spring by making themselves visible; they pupate and lay their eggs underground, then later emerge as full adults.

Now that the science lesson is over, here is the real lesson. JuneBug Talk is about engaging each other, enlightening our selves, and empowerment through words. Just as our infamous namesake cannot deny it’s attraction to light, we cannot ignore our desire to attain knowledge. Like our arthropod counterparts lay eggs, when we plant thoughts and cultivate the roots of curiosity these ideas develop through engagement, and bring into being "full adult June Bugs," who are empowered and motivated towards inner growth and inspired and productive in their interaction with the world around them.

From all of us at JuneBug Talk, welcome to the family! Now, pull out your laptops and iPhones, set your fingers on those home keys, and get ready for “Real Talk, Real Issues.”