Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Let Go of your Booty Call

Yea June Buggers! you read it right! Mz Kewe strikes again! LOL. So before Ms MaShari gives her expertise on finances ,Ms Berneta talks about her political views or Ms Qui Vive starts her series, I, Mz Kewe ( the sweet one)will touch on another overlooked yet important issues…….. YOUR BOOTY CALL!!!! (oh… …. Don’t act like yall aint never had one!) So in case you missed the movie, or your one of these people that’s been under a rock for the past 15 years, let me give you the urban dictionary’s definitions of what a Booty Call is

Booty Call- A late night summon-often via telephone, cell phone call or text- to arrange clandestine sexual liaison on an ad hoc basis.

Best of both worlds huh…. But like all seemingly good things… its time when it should come to an END, and I ( along with the great assistances from my Check2Check Radio Family shout outs to Xav and Cas) will give you the top reason you need to let this guy/girl, go!

10. The prices of motel 6 jumped- cuz you know you cant take Booty call to your house! With the real spouse there! Please… but yea…. Is he/ she worth 50 60 bucks for maybe an hour of pleasure…NOT! Besides you gotta be home soon anyway

9. They ask you to help pay their rent- broke asses! WTF!!! You are only to serve 1 purpose and 1 purpose only! GTFOH!!!

8 They cant keep their cell phone active or they are always changing numbers - this means that either they are dumb ass broke and have to keep getting new metro or cricket accounts.. or they are hiding from someone… maybe owe child support or a crazy stalker… not the bizness! KEEP IT PUSHIN!

7 You see images running across the room and they claim they don’t have a pet- ohh heck no!!!! WTF just ran across the bed!!!!! Nasty!

6.You see them at an event with a homegirl/homeboy- ohh this fool gets around! Heck no! NOT EVEN attractive!

5, Its been 6 months already this one is very important… cuz it’s a fact that once you’ve been dealing with someone this long or longer… either you or the other person starts catching ……………. FEELINGS … and that’s a no no… feelings were NOT a part of this deal when I signed up

4, You wake up in the morning and either your windows have been busted or the rims on your car have been stolen and you don’t know who did it ok so either you didnt follow the 6 month rule or your booty call lives in a bad neighborhood or a turf… either way… CONTRACT BROKEN!

3 You cant find your credit card damn… thieving asses!

2. Your current REAL mate has gotten out of jail- ENOUGH SAID!!!!


1. You wake up in the morning and find a box of Valrex on their nightstand- awwwww dammmnnnnn ittt!

Well there you have it June Buggers! Enjoy! Now go and leave your thoughts and things you feel should have made this list………………….. NOW


  1. Yep. The minute a booty call asks for money it is time to go. lol I do not play that. lol

  2. mz kewe. i need 50bucks asap.. i will pay you back later on tha real baby

  3. Mz. Kewe - this is hilarious! And, #5 is to be followed to the 'T for this 'arrangement!'

  4. yes!! LOL and @ Anonymous AKA STEFAN B! nooo fool! lol

  5. Atlanta Fox 2010 notplayingAugust 9, 2010 at 1:32 AM

    Why would a iman or a woman fall for a booty call in 2010. I do not care if you single, married, lonely and free....get you a toy and use it. No need to fall for the same old tricks, you trick them and turn the suckers down. Booty nothing tonight and any other night. It is too risky out there..Them DDDDDDDDDDDDddddisease are waiting for you. If you dont have a regualar do take the left over mess he want to give you....he burning to give you something...Now I said it and I feel better. Now what were you sayin ?

  6. @Atlantic Fox you definitely have a point... there are DDDDDDDDDDDDdddddiseases of all kinds out there.. and actually... your at risk of catching them any time you have sex.. even if its with your husband!. its on you to make sure that the person you are sleeping with CLEAN at all times... even if it means making them take an STD test!

    PS i would have to disagree with you on the toys... toys dont compare to a human being... in my opinion! and its not outdated to have a Booty Call in 2010.. but when stuff like the above start happening... TIME TO KEEP IT MOVING! LOL

  7. LMAO

    This is oh-so-real. I haven't experienced all of those things but some of them do come to memory.

    I missed you guys!

  8. @QueenPinky we missed you too girl! i was starting to get worried about ya for a moment! glad to have you back!