Thursday, June 24, 2010

Debunk the Junk...Then Chunk

I have a shameful addiction…

I – love – reality TV! Any kind, it doesn’t matter – from D-list celebrities attempting to find love, to hard core boot camps, even to Housewives in any region…I’ve got to watch each episode, including the reunion show where there’s bound to be an onstage ambush attacking the upcoming reality star everyone loved to hate (and who will probably have their own reality show in the fall!)

Check out one of my new faves.

Ok, now this is reality tv. But come on, JuneBug Family, is hoarding a little junk really ‘ruining your life,’ ‘embarrassing,’ and a ‘living hell??’ In their cases, it is much more than a stashing a little bit of junk, but I’m sure these monstrous heaps of useless clutter didn’t start out that way. These paralyzing cases of hoarding started out small, as any other problem does. Small stacks of mail on tables. Forgetting to load the dishwasher each night. A couple of shirts missing the dirty clothes hamper. Nothing major, eh? Now those small stacks, forgetful nights, and couple of shirts have turned into a physical blockade, a mental prison, and an emotional captivity.

You would never let it get that out of hand, would you?

Many people, including myself, struggle with clutter in our lives on a daily basis. Clutter, a "confused multitude of things" (WordNetWeb, 2010), can rear its debris-filled head and consume our time, leaving us zapped of our energy, and unable to be productive. Although, there still may be a clear path to our front door, that does not mean our lives are junk-free – it may just mean our junk is revealed in other ways…

  • working excessive hours at your job – more than you are able to or need to
  • running errands for others and neglecting your own responsibilities
  • physically or financially taking care of family members or friends who can take care of themselves
  • over-committing OF yourself – and under-committing TO yourself
  • living in the past – wondering what could have been?
  • feeling guilty about saying ‘no’
  • depression, anxiety, or feelings of inadequacy
…the list could go on!

Each of us knows what is cluttering our lives – draining our time and energy from being productive. In his book, The Ten Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, Hyrum Smith gives several ‘natural laws’ for managing your life and time. Law 7 states, “we satisfy needs when our beliefs are in line with reality (Smith, 1994).” To reduce the clutter in our lives, we should focus on our needs, which will frame our beliefs and give us rules to live by, shape our behavior, and give us the results we desire.

Life is much more than a quick run-through, it is a one-time opportunity to take full advantage and make the most of your time and potential. What we do (or choose not to do) affects others in the world around you. Our actions will spawn us or those around us to potential greatness. Likewise, our inaction will lead to nothing more than mediocrity.

Let’s define what is cluttering our lives, release it, and begin to live freely!

Here at JBT, we continually strive to find ways to engage our readers by offering unique opportunities to interact. Is there something physically, mentally, or emotionally cluttering you life? Do you barely have enough energy to make it through the week? Are there never enough hours in your day? Are you interested in being more productive? Join us via conference call as Kandice Washington explores taking back your time and energy, as well as introducing you to affordable life coaching options. It will take place on Tuesday, June 29th at 8pm (CST). Please email to sign up and receive conference call access by Monday June 27th.


  1. Love this post. It reminds me of this quote I heard a while back "Clutter is a sign that decisions need to be made."

    Thanks Junebug talk for challenging us to live better!!

  2. Wow...great quote to go with the blog, GLRL! Hopefully, readers (and I) will continue to learn that physical, mental, and emotional clutter hinder us in our growth and success in life.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post, and it truly hits home for me. I've spent years carrying emotional baggage that hindered my ability to grow and prosper, so not ALL clutter consist of objects in our homes. I've made the decision to declutter my life, so I can have the GOOD life in REAL life. I look forward to participating in the next conference call.

    Thanks, Miss Qui Vive!

  4. Shari' Bari!

    Girl, I can't wait to see you on the conference call. I found out on the last conference call that most of my clutter is in the mental form. So...operation clean up is in full effect!