Monday, January 10, 2011


GuestBug: Tiffany

As women we must be careful of the indelible stains we allow to be placed on our souls. Stains left on the soul, plague the woman. The vision she has for herself is stained beyond recognition. If she is not careful, her spiritual wellness could be in danger of attracting the terrible ills of, hopelessness, complacency, fear and inadequacy.
In order to progress, it is best to have a spirit and soul that has overdosed on love, faith and courage. Instead of ugly stains, beautiful and uncontained watercolors should color her soul. Women should become versed in the practice of not only indulging our individual gifts; but seeking aggressively the parts of ourselves that keep us centered. We are mothers, daughters, best friends, sistahs, wifey’s, co-workers, students, and many other stabilizing forces to so many. These roles are constantly being juggled by our minds, wrapped up with our hearts, and carried on our backs, and the burden leaves a stain on our souls. The constant struggle exists within us in the maintenance of these roles.

Then there comes the day, when the realization comes that, in being so much to others, or maybe not focusing on the soul inside the woman, we are lost, colors drained. The abysmal search for self worth and purpose, leads to unavoidable and painful questions such as “Where the hell did I loose me?" “Why did I make that choice?" “How do I cleanse me of these stains?" or “Is it too late to make me proud of me?"

Oh, we can handle the mistakes and detours. We cannot, however, wrap our minds around making the same mistakes. Strength that naturally finds roots from our souls is wounded, and has settled like stains. Stains left from abusive lovers, single motherhood, unappreciated and unmatched love, and self doubt. We learn to survive, and adapt to pain and heartbreak inflicted by others.

However, the one we must learn to love is the woman inside. Her soul needs to be tended. Her soul’s color restored. We must engage her in debate; challenge her to reach beyond what she believes are her limitations. When we love the soul inside the women, stains become eradicable. A woman’s soul should have beautiful hues of lavender, gold, and green, vibrant and beautiful watercolors; various shades represent different emotions, struggles, lessons, and memories. Stains are soiled or discolored appearances. Watercolors are pigments suspended in water. Yes, a woman’s soul must have the likeness of watercolors. Where the appearance and the lesson are learned, but the heart, mind and soul are free. There is resilience in the souls, minds and hearts of women.

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