Thursday, January 13, 2011


After some soul searching, Ms MaShari has decided to depart JuneBug Talk.  Here, she discusses what prompted her decision and her future plans.

It's been six incredible months and a wonderful journey with the ladies of JuneBug Talk thus far.  Never in a million years would I have imagined working with such a fantabulous group of young women; Miss Berneta the "Intellectual," attorney in the making, and aspiring activist, Mz. Kewe the "Queen of All Controversy" and next big radio or TV personality, and Miss Qui Vive, one of my best friends, the "Mastermind" and creator of JuneBug Talk, and a future best-selling author.  When Miss Qui approached me with the notion of developing a blog, I was somewhat hesitant.  But I'm so grateful to have had a chance to share something so very important to me with the world - personal finance lessons.  Creating the blog with Miss Berneta, Mz Kewe, and Miss Qui has definitely been an eye-opening experience.  In addition to lucubrating from my JuneBug counterparts, I've had the opportunity to learn from some of our GuestBugs and our readers, and I've grown so much as a writer as well.

Choosing to leave was definitely a difficult decision, but  I know that it's the right one for me and the group collectively at this time.  I'm currently working and attending school full-time, and I anticipate my courseload will significantly increase over the next year; therefore, I no longer have the time necessary to act as technical coordinator and contributor to this project.  While I will miss working alongside the JuneBugs, collaborating with our GuestBugs, and reading your comments, I am also very eager to embark on the next phase of my life.  It's bittersweet.  The ladies have some wonderful plans in store for 2011, and I assure you it's not something you wanna miss.  You never know, yours truly might even make a few guest appearances so stay tuned.  Without further ado, I'd especially like to thank our readers for making JuneBug Talk the success it is, and I hope you all continue reading as JuneBug transitions and evolves.  

In the words of J. Cole, "I bid you farewell" until later that is.

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  1. Transition if difficult but necessary, wishing the very best in your endeavor!

  2. “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” ~ Pericles

    GLRL, you're right about transitions and thanks so much for your encouragement! I have taken away a great lesson from you after taking part in your life-coaching event, and I am much more conscious of how I use my time and make every effort to make sure it's a wise choice. Just as your guidance helped me achieve the Good Life in Real Life, I hope my lessons for young strivers become apart of our readers everyday lives. Even if it's just annually reviewing their credit report or accessing the discount websites in my post, "Thank Me Later," discussing money with their honey as I mentioned in "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)," or discovering their value and using that "Power" to contribute to a greater world.

  3. Ms MaShari,

    Your quote said it best! You have given so much to JBT and our wonderful readers in your technical expertise, financial passion, and countless other contributions. We will miss you, but always will know that you are just a blog away!

    Once a Bug, always a Bug! :)

    Best to you!

    Ms Qui