Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Babygirl, You Gone Wrap It or Not?!?

By GuestBug TOAR

I am TOAR and I was thinking about condoms. (Bio Below Post) All kinds of condoms. Penis Condoms, Women Condoms, Finger Condoms and Tongue condoms. Of course, TOAR promotes safe sex - you know penis condom and female condoms. But what about the other two?

Finger Condoms
I was in a dirty sex shop last week (I go there frequently, because I like looking at dildos) and I was paying for my sexfit (sexy-outfit) and I seen these little round rubbery things. No bigger then your pinky finger. I asked the sales associate about them and she told me what they were. Ok, now here is the problem I am seeing with these little bastards: Why would I put a little ass condom on my PINKY finger?

First of all, a PINKY finger has no control over how to play with my clitoris effectively enough without it tickling like hell therefore, EFFECTIVELY turning me off. Secondly, those things look like they will cut off the guys circulation, especially if they have huge hands (big hands, big penis - PERIOD). Then they have two huge hands with 9 fingers? EEEWWW.

So I get the whole "Lets-use-little-finger-fuckers-because-you-might-have-AIDS-anyway" thing but seriously?

Tongue Condoms
Same Day, next to the mini condoms are the "Tongue Condoms." Now I have never heard of these before in my life. I hate the way latex tastes from a regular penis condom so why on earth will I WILLINGLY stick latex in my mouth? ugh.

I just have no more words.

So here are my posing questions to all of you out there:
  • Have you ever used a finger condom?
  • How far will you go to protect yourself?
  • Do you give oral with the condom on? Do you like it?
  • Do you like to receive oral with a condom on (tongue or otherwise)?
  • Do you clean under your nails frequently?

More importantly, assuming that we all use the basic forms for condoms, Babygirl, are you gone wrap his fingers or not?

Please guys, answer too!
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  1. Tongue condoms? I can't see how that will work, really. I mean, if they just cover your tongue that still exposes the rest of your mouth. I say the old-fashioned lesbian way is the only way in this scenario: a dental dam. If you're going to give oral sex to a woman, or if you are a woman who's going to receive it, a dental dam (or some plastic saran wrap) is the only thing that makes sense: it perfectly covers the surface of the woman's vagina, ergo no exchange of bodily fluids. My opinion. But maybe I just need to see exactly what these tongue condoms are, because as I picture them they seem useless.

    As far as finger condoms (they are almost cute looking, like miniature condoms), I say it's a good idea.

    And, of course, regular condoms. If I ever perform oral sex on a man, I plan to use one. Besides, they come in all sorts of nifty flavors.

    Personally, I'm an overly hygienic person (maybe borderline OCD about it) so I think all forms of barriers are super! I only heard about finger condoms recently, but I see no reason not to use them. Stis/stds are nothing to play with, so I think the more protection the better. And TALKING. People have to learn to talk about their history, and warn their partners if they think they have or do have an infection. I know it's hard, and it's easy to preach this and not practice it, but it's the right and safest course of action. (We really have to take the shame label off of sexually-transmitted infections; they are infections like any other infection.) Yeah, as some folks say, maybe this takes away some of the romance. But there are other ways to reinsert the romance. I'd rather be lacking in the romance than packing in the sti category (especially the deadly stis).

  2. Great post, TOAR! And, thanks for promoting condom use for those who choose to have sex. I haven't heard of finger condoms - but have heard of the rest - (go figure!!)...maybe a good hand washing would just do on that one!

  3. @T.O.A.R. You've done a great job prompting a much-needed conversation on sexual topics in your blogs and this one in particular. Honestly, this is edutainment in its' best form 'cause I laughed and learned of finger condoms for the first time. Wow! Based upon countless statistics, a lot of Babygirls AIN'T wrapping it up, but hopefully they'll rethink doing so after reading this post. To combat unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, we've gotta better protect ourselves. Fellas, if you don't wanna trick your money over to a one-night stand or WhatsHerFace for child support that means wrapping it up and not spraying your baby batter every which way!

    @Miss Berneta You make a great point about removing the stigma affecting those living with sexually transmitted diseases or having a history of infection.

    @Ms Qui LOL! Girl, knowing or not knowing what people do with their fingers when they're getting their freak on, I hope they are using finger condoms or something other than plain ol' handwash. IDK, maybe it's just me.

    Y'all know I absolutely love Hill Harper, and my boo discussed sex in his book The Conversation. After reading T.O.A.R.'s post, I'm wondering how many of us have these conversations before getting intimate. As I get older, I am growing more confident in expressing my expectations from a sexual partner; however, when I look back just a few years I cannot say the same. How about you?

  4. im not gone say much and tell yall too much of my personal life but i will say this!!! THUMBS UP TO FINGER CONDOMS!!! cuz the finger nail is noooooo joke!

    thats is all


  5. maybe i should have posted that Anonymously.... oh welllz! hehehee

  6. lmao@ Thanks guys for all the love! I was worried if you guys weren't going to like it or not because honestly when I read this blog it seems so much more serious! Like you guy's grammar is outstanding. lol Mine, not so much.

    As you can see, I don't have a problem with talking about my business at all. All I have to say is - I don't like getting "fingered." It's kinda uncomfortable. One of my guest bloggers, AkwardSexandtheCity, talked about "Hand Jobs: the female perspective" and I just can't get over getting a finger in your vajayjay. I'd pass so I personally don't think I will use the cute little pinky condoms.

    I hate the way latex tastes (as described above) so tongue condoms are ABSOLUTELY out of the question and since I am not Gay, the plastic wrap will stay in the box for my fruits :o)

  7. @Thoughts of a Randomista:

    You don't have to be gay (or have gay sex) to use the dental dams/plastic wrap. If you ever have a man give you oral sex, you might want to insist on using a dental dam/plastic wrap, because you can easily get herpes (for instance) from receiving oral sex. Just something to keep in mind.