Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Groupies - "An Unreal Reality"

By GuestBug Nutty

So when I was asked to submit a guest blog spot for the ladies of JuneBug Talk, different ideas went through my mind for what I should talk about...One day i wanted to talk about relationships, next day - about sports and not until yesterday did I decide to talk about......GROUPIES!!! Mainly because I know my distorted view would be real and kinda funny idea of what groupies are.

The industry I work in is one that makes you HOT when you're on top, and NOT when your not. Currently myself and my team are what's hot, just being honest. Our events, projects and musical artists and generating a large buzz in California and along with our different personalities, we attract a lot of different people. We work with big artists, pro athletes and other industry heavyweights so we basically see it all and they all would agree that the views I have are probably the funniest, yet real ones because of the fact that I don't hold back on MY opinions.

So, the topic of groupies...as I said before I see a lot in the industry I am in, and one of the biggest problems outside of dealing with people that do bad business, is groupies. They come in all shapes and sizes. I have had many conversations as to how to define groupies and this is what I have come up with, A groupie is a PERSON (man and female groupies exist) who believes in using materialistic and physical qualities to penetrate the life of a celebrity for their own personal gain whether it be for money, fame or notoriety in life. Example, I do a lot of NBA events - when basketball season comes around which runs from Late October to late April. There are specific groups of girls that I do not hear from until that time of year to come out and "party." Those girls I would consider groupies. Not my groupies, but none the less, groupies. Not only do these girls not want to pay to get into the event, they want to be escorted to the VIP and personally introduced to the player of their choosing. On my end, there are perks to this...lol...out of a group of 5, 4 are probably really pretty and one may be kinda cute. But out of those 4 that are pretty, only ONE will successfully end up having a player actually call, so that leaves the rest fiending for the next best thing, the promoter....lol...the problem with this is that I am basically feeding into this problem that plagues the industry. These ladies don't pay to get in so I don't make any money off of it, they don't buy drinks so the club doesn't make any money, so whats the purpose?? Ending up with one of these girls at the end of the night to go home, I guess that's OK, but not as gratifying if those 5 girls paid $20 each to get into the party!

My only beef with groupies is this, don't be one and be ashamed to be one. if you wanna snag an athlete or anyone of high stature to better your life, by all means, go for yours because it happens and I'm a realist and I'm not gonna bash anyone for doing what they do because groupies do exist and they aren't going anywhere.Theres different levels on the groupie scene but ill save that for another post and leave this to think about for now!

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I wanna thank the ladies from JuneBug Talk for allowing me to be a guest blogger this week and hope I can do it again sometime soon :)

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