Thursday, October 7, 2010

Top 10 Total BS!! Propaganda in the Media, Society and World in general…. Today!

Have you ever sat down and said to yourself... “Self, why are certain things the way they are… what is the logic behind the information that was given to me?” I tend to do that from time to time, more so now that I’m a lot older and exposed to more and more. I don’t know about you guys… but I’m not one who takes to KINDLY to bullcrap of any kind: from friends, family and especially the media. So with that said, let me just go on my rant of what I believe is total BS that we are forced to abide by and or believe!

- is it ILLEGAL to drive around without it??? I mean, I could understand if I was a bad driver and had a car accident or 2… but what about the people whose never had a ticket before??? What that about… if it’s the LAW to have car insurance… why isn’t it law and or cheaper to have HEALTH insurance?? So If my car breaks down… then its covered but if I break down and I’m unemployed… I’m screwed???!!!

9.40 hr work week- Why do I have to work this???? How about 20 hrs??? And more importantly… why do I need to work this in order to get benefits at my job… actually…. Why do I need a JOB in order to get mediocre health care benefits?? Can somebody answer me this?? Please???

8. Merchant charges- you ever been somewhere and in order to use your debit or credit card THEY CHARGE YOU???? WTH??? I have to PAY in order to PAY YOU??? And the cold part about it is that every company has to pay a fee whenever a customer decides to use their own bank cards… so why would you charge me something that ALL MERCHANTS HAVE TO PAY!!! And while we’re at it! ATM FEES! DIE PLEASE!!!!

7. Gratuity- while I’m on the money rant! Let’s talk about how this one! Hmm… Last I checked… the definition of the word GRATUITY meant
“: something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service; especially : TIP”
Key word… VOLUNTARILY without obligation… so… why is that.. this GRATUITY is demanded at restaurants in a party of 6 or more….. Huh?? Did I miss something?? Explain this to me?

6. TSA at the Airport-I don’t know how many time ive had my facial cleanser, Nair or anything liquid thrown away… come on… DO I LOOK LIKE I KNOW HOW TO BLOW UP A PLANE???? Yet we still have almost successful attempts to blow up planes… GOSH DARNIT! I WANT MY STUFF BACK! Matter of fact… this terrorist scare is bullcrap as well!

5. Obama is Muslim- first off … do we not all remember the whole scandal surrounding Obama.. CHRISTIAN PASTOR!! The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago's south side, the man who wed him and Michelle and baptized both his daughters??? So … does this make him Muslim?? His dad may have been… but Obama only spend 2 months of his life with his dad when he was 10… I hardly find that influencing. Besides… even if he WAS a Muslim, does that hinder him from serving as our leader? Does that make him less of one? Last I checked… Muslim was only a religion.

4. Prop 8 - my eyes have been open on why this was such a big deal! Although much opposed this law from the beginning, this law wasn’t enforced under Christian principles… like they would like you to believe… no its due to the lost in taxes the state suffers. If Gay were allowed to marry then they would gain the benefits of all married couples.. YET they are less likely to reproduce OR have children… in which would mean less taxes they pay to the state.. think about it.. if America was so set on “Christian Principles” we would all be forced into one religion…. Think about it for a sec ………….

3. Use of Bluetooth instead of cell phone -they say that by using a cell phone while driving you’re as safe as a drunk driver on the road… which I can agree… however…. What difference does using a bluetooth make???? Your still using the phone…. Does it really make a difference that the phone is NOT in your hand??? Who using 2 hands to drive anyway???

2. 2012- c’mon son!! Even if the world would end in 2012… do you think we are intelligent enough to KNOW ABOUT IT before hand???!!!!!???

1.Swine Flu – this scared people into the biggest frenzy ive ever seen!!! Why were we so scared of swine flu??? So a flu that I can only catch by touching something that may have been contaminated prior… that has the SAME symptoms as the regular flu…. Is suppose to scare me??? Just make sure everyone washes yours hands. That’s all you gotta do! Besides… did you know that the regular Influenza kills 800 people a week each flu season AND its AIRBORNE!?? But im scared of Swine??? WTH??? This was way over blown than it needed to be! And I BLAME THE MEDIA!!!
Well that’s my rant for BS things as for now… Readers???? What are some things that you find to be total BS that’s pissing you off

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