Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Because You Aren't Doing S%!T With Your Life"

By GuestBug TOAR

Hello My Lovelies by inheritance! It's TOAR here with more Random Writing Chaos!
This Month is about a friend's heartbreak.

I have REPEATEDLY written about worthless friends because that is
something that I hold true to my heart. Since I am an only child, I look
for companionship through the relationships that I have with other
people, especially my friends.

In High School, I was the girl that was friends with everybody - pretty
damn popular but not in the 'Skank' kinda way. I was captain of almost
all of the girls sports teams and Senior Class President. I had a fucked
up attitude when I was pissed off but overall, I was pretty outgoing and
down to earth. Back then I had 3 best friends. I couldn't believe it!
Some people aren't even blessed to have 1 but I had 3. Therefore I was
officially the shit - one for every occasion: party chick, emotional,
and the one.

Party Chick and I always went out - one whole summer of partying. It
didn't matter where or when - we were there. Emo, well she was always
there when I was feeling insecure and vice versa. The One - we've been
friends for about 10 years now, before high school she was there.

It is better to be in chains with friends , than to be in a
garden with strangers.

Now that I am in my last year of college - I am only down to "The One."
Emotional got exchanged because of lack of contact for another emotional
in college. Then EMO #2 dipped out on me because she was jealous of my
relationship (same with party chick) and her "fiance" didn't like that I
made my own decisions, in a nut shell. This one hurt the most.

All of my Friends, The One included, got jealous of my continuing
education. I feel like either you are going to get on my band wagon and
do something positive with your life, or you aren't. I don't want to
affiliate my self with people who can't determine where their life is
going or have any goals to get there. Now I am not saying that you have
to go to a 4 year university and become a rocket scientist, but damn -
not sitting at home with your momma all day playing video games; going
to the club every weekend and spend your last $10 to get in; asking
where the weed man is at. Luckly for The One, she hopped on - otherwise
her ass was going to get dismissed too. I hate to sound like a bitch but
it is the truth.

People come into
your life for
when you figure out which it is,
you know exactly what to do

So here is the point. I just learned the lesson of friends. You grow up
and grow apart, loss of contact, or jealousy all plays a role. In all
these situations, the biggest factor I seen was the relationships. I
just want to know why? I am the kind of person that doesn't care if your
boyfriend doesn't like my high spirit or my potty mouth; I am YOUR
friend, not his. I can tolerate him because I love YOU. Why did you care
if my ring looked better then yours? Why can't you have a brain of your
own? Why can't you decipher between "girl friend talk" and "relationship
talk"? Why did you pick HIM over ME?

Let's get this straight, I haven't been the "Saint" of friendships
either but throughout all of my discrepancies, I came back to apologize
and make right because like I said before, nothing is more important to
me than my close friends.

I figured out that I just won't talk about my relationships with my
friends. The good or bad. It is so messed up that I had to loose so many
and experience so much friendship heartbreak it will scar me for life.
But that is the price you pay when you want a positive circle around you
and in the end, positive people will just gravitate into your life and
everyone's happy! I hope to find my "Sex in the City Friends."

PS. Do you ever notice how women just talk to their bff's about the
bad shit in their relationship

A real friend is
one who walks in when the rest of the world walks

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  1. This may be me... but I think we as women over use that word Jealously... that may not always be the case.. I'm not sure how your situation played out but just keep that in mind... as far as your friends... I go by one motto... real friends always find their way back to one another... I RECENTLY rekindle with an old friend of mine from high school after getting into an arguement and not talking for 3 years! And it feels pretty good... friendship is one of lifes most precious things that we all need to cherish. To maintain ANY relationship we have with people is understanding, maturity and taking a step back and viewing things from another point of view... and honesty... cuz one thing I've learned is that even though some situations may seem crazy to you... it makes perfect logical and justified sense in the other persons mind

  2. Kewe -

    I totally agree with you because one of my middle school friends came back into my life after almost 10 yrs. I couldn't believe it. But in some situations, like the one with Party Chick, might not be rekindled. Even though I wish it could be - but the deceit and betrayal is something that is very hard for me to over look.

  3. Its really not though... your preaching to the choir here! Lol I'm going to post an Inspirational blog on one of these upcoming sundays... I think it would benefit this situation for you :)